Different types of lubricants

Lubricants are substances used to reduce friction, wear and tear, noise, reduce rust, prevent clogging, prevent sticking, power transmission, clean parts, carrying away debris, increase efficiency and also ease movement on two moving parts. Lubrication is needed in our day to day live in simple and complex machinery. This applies to all motor operated machinery, gears, rollers, and even small items like pliers. There are different types of lubricants depending on the suitability and efficiency in each machinery requiring lubrication. When it comes to lubricants there are some famous and reliable brands that you get all over the world. For example you can get Mobil lubricants in almost all places through mobil products distributor. In this article we will see the different kinds of lubricants in detail.

heavy engine lubricants


Types of Lubrication

A lubricant’s quality is graded in accordance to its appearance and resistance to certain conditions including, thermal stability, ability to prevent corrosion, resistant to oxidation, freezing and boiling point and more. There four major types of lubricant;  -Liquid Lubricants  Liquid lubricants are characterized by a low viscosity oil substance that are further divided into two categories namely, synthetic oils which are mainly petroleum based hydrocarbons and mineral oils derived directly from crude oil.

These are further divided into smaller groups dependent on their viscosity indexes.

Solid lubricants  Solid lubricants are very simple and are also known to handle very high temperatures for example polytetrafluoroethylene abbreviated as PTFE which is mostly used in non-stick kitchenware. There are two major categories in solid lubricants namely;

i)Metal alloys  These types of lubricants are mostly used as additives but also hold high resistance to corrosion. For instance, a gold coated joint has very good sliding quality and high resistance to corrosion since gold has very low or no reaction to acids or water.

ii)Inorganic lubricants  In organic solids are most time not preferred due to their poor resistance to oxidation. Some of the substances in this class are highly affected by high temperatures. Examples include graphite and boron nitride.

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Semi-solid lubricants

In this special category are lubricants like greases. They can be used in a very vast range of environments due to its high versatile form. It is the high and the recommended and used since it rhymes with dusty, wet, fast moving, hot, frozen or loaded conditions.  Grease is made from synthetic and petroleum based oils mixed with thickeners which might be organic or in organic or both depending on the intended use and additives to make it more efficient and also make it compatible and sustainable without affecting its performance negatively.  What makes it be of the highest preference is its high resistance to heat, reduction of vibration on grinding parts, lower application intervals, total elimination of noise and hence minimal wear and tear. Grease use however has its down side. This includes its inability to carry out dirt and contaminant and is owed to its oily nature it is bound to attract most of that in open use.

Gaseous lubricants

These types of lubricants are used in very sophisticated type of machinery such as telecommunication systems, satellites and micro robots. One of these lubricants is helium gas. Such kind of machinery is hard to come about and are mostly used in controlled environments. Their load capacity is relatively low hence they are used in special conditions and need a lot of expertise and airtight enclosures to keep the gas from leaking.

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