Sportscarguides is an independent business established in June 2002 by two sports car enthusiasts and owners, dedicated to providing clear guidance to potential performance car buyers and sellers. We were the first UK company to provide this service. In addition to downloadable Guides of up to 20 pages, refreshed at least every 12 months, we provide a comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspection service for your additional comfort. We are probably the largest independent inspector of Porsches in the UK, for instance.

We produce buyers guides with expert advice for novices, trade buyers, experienced sports car enthusiasts and first times that are easy to read, jargon free and well worth the price. We’ve sold thousands and have received dozens of unsolicited thank you messages. Simply, we can save you buying a car that’s : an accident write off – some unscrupulous dealers may not tell you it’s a Category D write off – we had a recent examples of this with a Porsche 911 964 in summer 2006 a stolen car – a Porsche 911 3.0 Carrera in summer 2006 upon performing the inspection checks we give you proved stolen. Details like the wrong indicators which our Guide points out were evident – but you might have bought it and lost your money and the car good only for scrap – another 3.0 Carrera visibly sagged in the middle, as full of filler and was worth less than £2,000, not the £6,000 the poor vendor ( who’d bought it only 1 year before without inspection) wanted  bodged and bulled up for sale – a Ferrari Mondial with invoices for non-existent repairs was worth half the asking price what’s known as a Joseph Car – a car of many colours with poor respray work in several shades ! tired and worn out, having been flogged to death on a track a typical big city car, like London – scuffs and scrapes, lots of short runs with heavy clutch and brake wear which shorten car lives a car which will cost you dearly soon, and where to find areas that dodgy sellers cover up.

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