Everything You Need To Know About LED Light Bulbs For Your Car

In an age where availing car loans have become something sort of a cake walk, it need not be spelled out that every individual who earns, dreams of owning a car. However, just owning a car without proper knowledge of its parts and the right ways to use it on and off the road, does not do the trick. Automobiles are complex human inventions and are prone to malfunctioning and damage.

That is why it is crucial that we arm ourselves with all the knowledge that is required for the proper maintenance and functioning of cars or any other automobile. Talking about the parts of a car, it is imperative that we know about the different types of car lights, and how and when to use them. Insufficient knowledge about car lights and their improper use can lead to fatal accidents on the road. Therefore, even before one buys their dream car or learns driving, what is more important, is to learn about the road safety rules and regulations. Buying a car can wait, safety cannot. We are sure that this list is one of the best when it comes to discussing the safety aspects related to the LED bulbs of your cars.

What are car lights?

Car lights are installed on the front, rear and on the sides of a car to enable better vision for driving purposes since these lights, light up the road and makes it easy for the driver to spot impediments. It also ensures that other vehicles on the road can follow the signals and avoid accidents. LEDs have become increasingly popular owing to their varied uses in automobile lighting.

What are the LEDs?

LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes are a rage these days when it comes to automobile lightings. Their first usage goes back to 1984 when Chevrolet first introduced it to the world. Ever since then, it has been popularised by several car manufacturing companies and have also been upgraded in its look, feel and service. However, like every other technological invention, LEDs too, come with a hoard of advantages and disadvantages. Let us first concentrate on the strengths of having LED light bulbs for your car.

Advantages of havingĀ  LED light bulbs for your car

  • They have a long tenure of life. This means that they can serve you and your vehicle well for many years without having to worry about their replacements or repairs. The extended service life of the parts of a car is what every car owner looks forward to when making a purchase or buying the car essentials. Therefore, you can count on your LED light bulbs to serve you for a sufficiently long period.
  • LED light bulbs also have a high resistance to vibrations which comes handy since you can trust these light bulbs to absorb those shock and not go off in the middle of an emergency or any volatile situation.
  • LED light bulbs also have a higher intensity of emitting light compared to incandescent light bulbs which is one quality that car owners look for in their car lights. The clearer the light would be, the lesser would be the chances of getting into accidents.
  • LED light bulbs are also energy efficient which is a win-win situation for car owners.

Disadvantages of having LED light bulbs for your car

  • One downside that every car owner must know before opting for LED light bulbs for their car is that these light bulbs are extremely heated sensitive. However, experiments are always being conducted to enhance the heat resistance quality of these lights and every day some progress is being made. Therefore, though LED light bulbs might be sensitive to heat, you can still count on them for their various other advantages.

Therefore, in a nutshell, it is always advisable to weigh out the good against the bad and choose LED light bulbs over any other type of car lights, to avoid accidents and enjoy the benefits of longer service life.…

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