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Sportscarguides is an independent business established in June 2002 by two sports car enthusiasts and owners, dedicated to providing clear guidance to potential performance car buyers and sellers.


We were the first UK company to provide this service. In addition to downloadable Guides of up to 20 pages, refreshed at least every 12 months

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we provide a comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspection service for your additional comfort. We are probably the largest independent inspector of Porsches in the UK, for instance.

Everything that you need to know about Limo Renting

Hiring a Limousine service to get to a party or an event is undoubtedly one of the best feelings ever. You get to sit and take a ride in a sweet car which looks fantastic, inside and out. There are undoubtedly certain things that one should keep in mind when you are planning a special event and also when you are considering rolling up to the event in a limo. To make sure that you will be dealing with a professional company that does the job properly. If you do consider this, you will receive high-quality and also professional services which are worth your money.


Here are some things that you should contemplate before you hire a Limo service.

  1. Get to know where the business is located. Most of the companies out there entirely base their charge/fare on the travel time from and to the garage. To make sure that you are not outrageously billed any extra costs, request a review and a quote to make sure that there are no hidden or unknown costs that can surprise you from getting the service that you have paid for. For example, if you are searching for Orlando Limo Service you will get all the details and reviews about various services.
  2. See if they can furnish references. Some unreliable businesses go as far as buying a local phone number even though their company is out of town. Getting testimonials and reviews from previous customers can and will put your mind at ease. Take the opportunity to go over these because it will surely pay to be very careful.
  3. Are the services they provide as good as any other limo company?This completely depends on the details of your event and also the type of service that you require. For example, if you are taking a holiday and planning to go to Las Vegas, then it would be best if you hired a service in Nevada, rather than a company that specializes in weddings or parties.
  1. Are the vehicles in the company completely licensed?You should only deal with a reputable company and a company that is willing to provide proof that their vehicles are insured. Some companies skimp out on the cost and get insured in minimal amounts or don’t get them at all. You should be proactive and request for proof of insurance and also relevant licenses. It is an extremely important question that has to be asked so you should have a list of questions ready so that you don’t miss out on asking any important ones.
  1. See if they provide any type of guarantee for the kind of services that they offer. You will certainly come across some companies which are ready to ensure that you have had an enjoyable experience.
lubricants can

Different types of lubricants

Lubricants are substances used to reduce friction, wear and tear, noise, reduce rust, prevent clogging, prevent sticking, power transmission, clean parts, carrying away debris, increase efficiency and also ease movement on two moving parts. Lubrication is needed in our day to day live in simple and complex machinery. This applies to all motor operated machinery, gears, rollers, and even small items like pliers. There are different types of lubricants depending on the suitability and efficiency in each machinery requiring lubrication. When it comes to lubricants there are some famous and reliable brands that you get all over the world. For example you can get Mobil lubricants in almost all places through mobil products distributor. In this article we will see the different kinds of lubricants in detail.

heavy engine lubricants


Types of Lubrication

A lubricant’s quality is graded in accordance to its appearance and resistance to certain conditions including, thermal stability, ability to prevent corrosion, resistant to oxidation, freezing and boiling point and more. There four major types of lubricant;  -Liquid Lubricants  Liquid lubricants are characterized by a low viscosity oil substance that are further divided into two categories namely, synthetic oils which are mainly petroleum based hydrocarbons and mineral oils derived directly from crude oil.

These are further divided into smaller groups dependent on their viscosity indexes.

Solid lubricants  Solid lubricants are very simple and are also known to handle very high temperatures for example polytetrafluoroethylene abbreviated as PTFE which is mostly used in non-stick kitchenware. There are two major categories in solid lubricants namely;

i)Metal alloys  These types of lubricants are mostly used as additives but also hold high resistance to corrosion. For instance, a gold coated joint has very good sliding quality and high resistance to corrosion since gold has very low or no reaction to acids or water.

ii)Inorganic lubricants  In organic solids are most time not preferred due to their poor resistance to oxidation. Some of the substances in this class are highly affected by high temperatures. Examples include graphite and boron nitride.

old lubricants engines

Semi-solid lubricants

In this special category are lubricants like greases. They can be used in a very vast range of environments due to its high versatile form. It is the high and the recommended and used since it rhymes with dusty, wet, fast moving, hot, frozen or loaded conditions.  Grease is made from synthetic and petroleum based oils mixed with thickeners which might be organic or in organic or both depending on the intended use and additives to make it more efficient and also make it compatible and sustainable without affecting its performance negatively.  What makes it be of the highest preference is its high resistance to heat, reduction of vibration on grinding parts, lower application intervals, total elimination of noise and hence minimal wear and tear. Grease use however has its down side. This includes its inability to carry out dirt and contaminant and is owed to its oily nature it is bound to attract most of that in open use.

Gaseous lubricants

These types of lubricants are used in very sophisticated type of machinery such as telecommunication systems, satellites and micro robots. One of these lubricants is helium gas. Such kind of machinery is hard to come about and are mostly used in controlled environments. Their load capacity is relatively low hence they are used in special conditions and need a lot of expertise and airtight enclosures to keep the gas from leaking.…

Everything You Need To Know About LED Light Bulbs For Your Car

In an age where availing car loans have become something sort of a cake walk, it need not be spelled out that every individual who earns, dreams of owning a car. However, just owning a car without proper knowledge of its parts and the right ways to use it on and off the road, does not do the trick. Automobiles are complex human inventions and are prone to malfunctioning and damage.

That is why it is crucial that we arm ourselves with all the knowledge that is required for the proper maintenance and functioning of cars or any other automobile. Talking about the parts of a car, it is imperative that we know about the different types of car lights, and how and when to use them. Insufficient knowledge about car lights and their improper use can lead to fatal accidents on the road. Therefore, even before one buys their dream car or learns driving, what is more important, is to learn about the road safety rules and regulations. Buying a car can wait, safety cannot. We are sure that this list is one of the best when it comes to discussing the safety aspects related to the LED bulbs of your cars.

What are car lights?

Car lights are installed on the front, rear and on the sides of a car to enable better vision for driving purposes since these lights, light up the road and makes it easy for the driver to spot impediments. It also ensures that other vehicles on the road can follow the signals and avoid accidents. LEDs have become increasingly popular owing to their varied uses in automobile lighting.

What are the LEDs?

LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes are a rage these days when it comes to automobile lightings. Their first usage goes back to 1984 when Chevrolet first introduced it to the world. Ever since then, it has been popularised by several car manufacturing companies and have also been upgraded in its look, feel and service. However, like every other technological invention, LEDs too, come with a hoard of advantages and disadvantages. Let us first concentrate on the strengths of having LED light bulbs for your car.

Advantages of having  LED light bulbs for your car

  • They have a long tenure of life. This means that they can serve you and your vehicle well for many years without having to worry about their replacements or repairs. The extended service life of the parts of a car is what every car owner looks forward to when making a purchase or buying the car essentials. Therefore, you can count on your LED light bulbs to serve you for a sufficiently long period.
  • LED light bulbs also have a high resistance to vibrations which comes handy since you can trust these light bulbs to absorb those shock and not go off in the middle of an emergency or any volatile situation.
  • LED light bulbs also have a higher intensity of emitting light compared to incandescent light bulbs which is one quality that car owners look for in their car lights. The clearer the light would be, the lesser would be the chances of getting into accidents.
  • LED light bulbs are also energy efficient which is a win-win situation for car owners.

Disadvantages of having LED light bulbs for your car

  • One downside that every car owner must know before opting for LED light bulbs for their car is that these light bulbs are extremely heated sensitive. However, experiments are always being conducted to enhance the heat resistance quality of these lights and every day some progress is being made. Therefore, though LED light bulbs might be sensitive to heat, you can still count on them for their various other advantages.

Therefore, in a nutshell, it is always advisable to weigh out the good against the bad and choose LED light bulbs over any other type of car lights, to avoid accidents and enjoy the benefits of longer service life.…

What you’ll need if you need to take your sports car cross country on a trailer?

Driving a sports car is illegal in different parts of the world as it is a great threat to the life of several other travelers that are traveling on the road. In this situation, the sports car drivers can’t simply drive their car from one place to another. They need to use several ways that can help in taking their car to their desired location.

If you are looking to take part in the cross country race, you must keep in mind that you can’t simply take your car there by driving because driving a sports car is not allowed on the local roads. In this case, you need to take help from a trailer to help you take your car to the starting point of the cross-country race. During this session, you may need several important things that may help in making your journey safe.

So, we are going to help you understand the important things that you must keep with you if you are taking your sports car to the cross country on a trailer. These tips would help you stay safe from several dangers and allegations.

Tying equipment

If you are going to take your sports on the trailer, you’ll need to tie the different parts of the vehicle properly so that it may not get damaged. You may take a visit to a nearby garage to find the perfect tying equipment for this purpose. The equipment you are going to purchase for this purpose should be strong enough to hold the weight of the vehicle that you are carrying with you.

The lights

The proper use of lights is extremely important for this purpose as it will not only keep you secure on the road but it will help other drivers understand your position on the road. You must apply the lights on different parts of the vehicle to indicate your position on the road. The LED trailer lights would be the perfect cost-effective solution in this situation as they do not consume enough energy and they are also available at very affordable rates. So, you must take advantage of these lights to complete this journey safely.

Warning signs

The warning signs are usually applied on the trailers but if you want to make sure that everything goes perfect, then you must keep some important warning signs with you that may help you a lot during this journey. The warning signs are easily available on different automotive stores or you may also ask the trailer owner to arrange the warning signs for you.…

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